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 The EHC Hub is a digital platform for families, professionals, and education settings to engage, contribute and collaborate on EHC assessments, plans, and reviews.

The EHC Hub portal streamlines processes and provides users with an open, transparent system that engages parents, carers, settings, and professionals.

Key features of the EHC Hub

  • Young people and families are able to submit their views online and upload additional information, including photographs and images that are important to the child or young person
  • Practitioners are able to submit information and advice online avoiding any unnecessary delays with the delivery of paper-based reports
  • Young people and families are able to view who has been asked for information and advice and can let the Local Authority know if someone has recently become involved
  • Young people and families are able to view information and advice at the same time as the council receives it
  • Correspondence between the council and the young person and family will be held on the EHC Hub so decisions are shared immediately
  • When a Draft EHC Plan is issued, young people and families can give feedback via the EHC Hub on each section.

The Hub allows parents and carers to track their child/Young Person’s assessment and see who has will provide support and advice. Registered parents/carers are able to upload their own comments and views, including photos and videos as part of the EHC needs assessment or annual review process. 

The child/Young Person is also able to contribute in this way. (Please note the system can attach many videos but they should be no longer than 3 minutes in length each). The child/Young Person’s educational setting and any professional working with them will also register and contribute their views within the EHC Hub. They can upload reports so that relevant and up to date information is shared with you, the SEN Team, and the other professionals involved. 

The hub will ensure that parents/carers and anyone working with the child/Young person has access to the same information, at the same time, reducing the need for information to be repeated.

The EHC Hub provides transparency about decisions with information that is clear and accessible to all those involved in the assessment or review process with those involved having access to decisions as soon as they are made.

Children, young people, and their families will remain at the heart of the EHC process, and using the EHC Hub to conduct assessments and reviews supports this. Regular feedback will be obtained from professionals and families.

If you submit a request for assessment via the hub you will receive an email with details about how to access the information online.

You will also need to set up a second level of secuirty access either via an SMS text message or via an auhenticator app on your phone. We will give you instructions about how to do this.

If you need help accessing the hub

Complete our help request form

or email:
tel: 01253 476602

Last updated: March 2022