Blackpool Parent Forum


We are a forum for parent/carers of disabled children in Blackpool. All parents/carers of disabled children are welcome.

The Blackpool Parent Forum, funded by the Department for Education, has been established since 2008. Originally set up as part of the Aiming High for Disabled Children project, our Parent Forum has gone from strength to strength. The forum’s aim is to empower parents, to promote parent participation through training, information and a sharing of ideas, giving parents the confidence to have their say to help shape future services for families caring for disabled children. From the outset, we have had enthusiastic, committed parents driving our forum, using innovative ideas and working together. We have seen the difference this has made. 

The forum has acted as the ‘Voice of the Parents’ and continues to be consulted upon a wide range of subjects related to raising a disabled child. The Parent Forum meets on a monthly basis in Blackpool, informally to network, share ideas or perhaps find answers to questions. All parent/carers of disabled children are welcome. Often we have visiting guests from various organisations and Local Authority Departments. Our meetings are friendly, lively and refreshments are provided. The Parent Forum can help build confidence for families who have been coping alone with a disabled child, those who have become socially isolated and need a friendly face to talk to. We are always looking for help with all aspects of forum activities and we have found that parents re discover forgotten skills as well as finding hidden talents!

There is something for everyone. Some parents/carers just want to come and chat, find support and share experiences. Others want to get more involved, to attend L.A. meetings, sit on focus groups amongst other things and much, much more.

Remember this is your forum, your chance to make a difference and we cannot wait to meet you. “The more voices the louder the sound”. The Blackpool Parent Forum is involved at a regional and national level with other forums. The most up to date information is on the Blackpool Parent Forum facebook page. 


Last Updated: 10.03.2022