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Kids SEND Mediation Service

KIDS SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) Regional Mediation service is an independent mediation and disagreement resolution service, which is free of charge for parents/carers and young people. Our service helps to settle disagreements between parents or young people and local authorities (LA’s), schools or other education providers. These disputes are often about the SEND of children and young people, and how best to meet their needs.

The provision of mediation and disagreement resolution is a statutory requirement for local authorities.  KIDS provide this service for Blackpool Council. It offers an alternative to a tribunal hearing and is quicker and less formal. Mediation enables people to communicate better with each other, and it can help re-build relationships that have broken down.

Who to contact

KIDS website

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Monday - Friday
Time of day
Session Information
9.00am - 5.00pm

Other Details


Referral Details

Parents can make referrals themselves. Any other party must have parents’ permission for contacting us. Requests for mediation can come from:

  •   Parents
  •   Local Authority Officers
  •   Parent Partnership Officers
  •   School staff
  •   Other parties, such as voluntary agencies.

No paperwork is required. A member of staff will take details of the case and if both parties to the disagreement agree to take part in mediation, a date will be arranged, and the mediation will proceed. Please note that Local Authority Officers, Parent Partnership Officers or any other third parties must have permission from parents/ carers before passing their details to the KIDS London SEN Mediation Service.

Local Offer


We ensure disabled children from birth to 25 have the opportunity to learn, play, build friendships, gain confidence and improve their well-being and we provide vital time, emotional and practical support to parents and siblings.

 Last updated: 17 Dec 2020