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Blackpool Arts for Health

Arts for Health in Blackpool offers a range of stimulating creative activities for people who are experiencing mental health difficulties. This service is free of charge. Arts for Health can be an alternative to antidepressants, offering support in a creative environment. This initiative aims to give residents in Blackpool who are in need of support:

• Opportunity to socialise and make friends reducing risk of isolation

• Opportunity to visit Art Galleries and other creative places of interest

• Increase self-esteem

• Monitor mental health of group members reducing risk of relapse

• Promote routine and meaningful day

• Opportunity to be creative and learn new skills

• Opportunity for group members to seek advice about other creative resources in the community

• Opportunity for clients to seek advice about their own mental health in an informal and supportive environment

There are two strands to the service we offer, Back on Track and Creative Pathways.

Back on Track

Back on Track is co-ordinated by the Arts and Health Development Officer and has a Mental Health professional present, giving group members the opportunity to talk about their physical or mental health in a relaxed atmosphere. The service offers two lots of ten- week courses after which group members are encouraged to attend Creative Pathways. The service can be accessed via a referral from a health professional by filling out a referral form, which can be found  from

Creative Pathways is designed to be a further stepping stone after Back on Track, to enable group members to go on to join mainstream community groups. This service is either by self-referral or via a referral from a health professional. The provision is the same as Back on Track offering two lots of ten-week courses, before directing group members on. Creative Pathways provides art materials free of charge to encourage continuation of arts activities at home.

Our activities are led by artists or qualified tutors who are able to work with all abilities. Activities include, arts and crafts, drawing and painting, dance, music and drama sessions. The direction of the programme is influenced by the ideas and needs of the participants. Each client is supported into continuing their art interest at home and after the course by receiving regular updates from the Arts Service.

Clients are offered information, advice and guidance before they leave the programme in relation to further education, positive steps to employment and volunteering opportunities. Clients may be signposted to member led or mainstream arts activities in the community. Please refer to the plan for up and coming creative workshops.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Sarah Jay
Contact Position
Arts & Health Development Officer
Blackpool Council Arts for Health

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 Last updated: 23 May 2020