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August 2020 Newsletter 3 - Head of SEND

Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in Blackpool

Quarterly Newsletter 3 – August 2020

Approaching the September 2020 Autumn Term and our reopening of all schools to all year groups, I want to thank schools and parents alike for your patience, time and effort in educating children during the social distancing over the previous months. During this challenging time, everyone has to be credited for their creativity and commitment to educate their children whilst balancing family life.  I hope that your summer holiday has allowed you to rest and enjoy time together.

Scientific studies have shown that wearing face coverings over the mouth and nose may reduce the risk of an infected person passing the virus on to someone else. The Government has advised the public to wear face coverings in enclosed public spaces, like shops, where they will be with people they would not usually meet.  There are exemptions to face coverings for under 11’s, people with breathing difficulties and disabilities

Remember that you are protecting others from your germs.  Remember too that regular washing of hands and hand hygiene is one of the most effective preventative measures you can do to stop the virus spreading.

The Local Offer has been updated following feedback from parents and young people.  Thank you for your input into our services – it really is important to us that you are included in consistently improving what we do in Blackpool within SEND. 

Linking to this, I would remind you please to take part in our short survey on Short Breaks.  We are gathering information from parents and young people to find out what they would like Blackpool Council to provide.  The consultation survey can be accessed via the FYI directories home page and on every page after that  It can also be found on the Blackpool Local Offer’s Facebook page – please let us know your views.  The consultation closes on 6th September 2020.

SENDIASS are embracing virtual “Tea and Talk” sessions over the next academic year – and are available via Skype to book and chat through any problems within school that you may be struggling with.   You can contact them on

We are also wanting parents and young people to become more involved in our co-production group known as the Local Offer Consultation Group.  Again, we would encourage you to sign up to this on the facebook page or by contacting This would involve minimum time and effort on your part, but we would be ensuring that your voice is heard.

A huge thank you to Joanne Martin at Highfurlong for all your work and commitment to the school over the last few years.  I hope that you enjoy your retirement.  I know that you will be missed by colleagues and children alike.

As we move forward into a new academic year, I hope that you and your families are looking forward to a return to a new normal. Education is key to all our young people and their life long journey of learning (in all the forms that takes) continues in September in the unique ways that each education establishment has chosen to manage their ‘bubbles’ and life at school.  

I know that everyone is looking forward to this positive step back to education and work.

Please stay safe and well.

Yours sincerely

Phil Thompson
Head of SEND

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