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Healthy Start vouchers

With Healthy Start, you can get free vouchers every week which you swap for milk, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and infant formula milk. You can also get free vitamins.  

Women can have Healthy Start vitamin tablets while they are pregnant and up to their baby’s first birthday. Children can have free Healthy Start vitamin drops from the age of six months until their fourth birthday.

You can start filling in the form online and print it out. But by law we need a hard copy of the form that is signed and dated by you and by your health professional usually your midwife or health visitor. Fill in an application form online

You could qualify if you are on benefits or you are pregnant and under eighteen.

If you are pregnant and under eighteen, you can get support from Healthy Start until your baby is born whether or not you’re on the qualifying benefits or tax credits. After your baby is born, you will only continue to qualify if you get the qualifying benefits or tax credits. To make sure you keep getting vouchers once the baby is born you should call us and also apply for Child Tax Credits as soon as you can. Don’t delay or your vouchers may stop.

It shouldn’t be difficult for you to find a shop near you that accepts the vouchers but if it is, call us and we will see what we can do. 

Who to contact

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 Last updated: 15 Jun 2020