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Birchall Trust

Counselling and support services for the victim and also partners, relatives and friends who want to talk about the effects of rape and sexual abuse and how best to offer support to the victim. Counsellors are specially trained to understand the issues and the impact of rape and sexual abuse. Both male and female counsellors are available and the client is able to state their preference.

Counselling is for one hour a week. Counselling is open ended and needs led by the client. If no police statement has been given then the client would be asked to provide this before counselling can commence. After receipt of referral then a pre counselling assessment would need to be completed at the Lancaster office to ensure that the service can meet the needs of the client.

Blackpool children would have to be transported by parent/guardian or professional to an office in Lancaster which is 5 minutes from the train station.

Staff are specially trained in pre-trial therapy.

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Karen Greenhow
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Birchall Trust website

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 Last updated: 06 Oct 2020