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Paediatric Epilepsy Team

The Paediatric Epilepsy Team works with Children and Young People who have epilepsy, and their families to make sure that they can stay safe and healthy. They visit Children and Young People at home and also keep in touch over the phone.

The team teaches School staff and health care professionals and families how to look after and support children and young people with Epilepsy, this is to help you feel safe and happy that you have the best care possible and you can reach your full potential!

The Team also makes sure that parents and carers know how to give you rescue medicine for when you have seizures.

The NHS Children's services have created and maintain a website with all of the up to date details for all of their services.

The Paediatric Epilepsy Team is part of Children’s Services provided by Blackpool Teaching Hospitals. 

Who to contact

Paediatric Epilepsy Team
Parent Organisation

Where to go

Victoria Hospital
Whinney Heys Road

Other Details


Referral required

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 Last updated: 24 May 2020