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N-Vision - Eye Clinic Liaison Service

The Low Vision Scheme (LVA)\ You may have left the eye clinic at the hospital having been told that nothing more can be done for your eyes. It is vitally important that you still attend the Optometrist for regular eye checks. This scheme has been set up by the local authority and is available to anyone who cannot manage to see print with prescription glasses, and who may benefit from extra help with magnification.  Optometrists on the scheme.  Attached is a list of Optometrists in our area who participate in the scheme. You can still visit your own Optometrist for your regular eye checks if you wish but if they don't appear on the list you can also go to one on the LVA scheme to choose a magnifier that may help you.  What will they do?  Your Optometrist will do an assessment of your vision and if they feel that you may benefit from a little extra help with a magnifier they will issue one on free loan for as long as you need it.\n\nAfter a short while they will give you a phone call to see how you are managing with it and offer an alternative if necessary. They will then pass your details to us here at the Low Vision Centre, Blackpool Blind Society, to continue the follow up. Physical disabilities, visually impaired, blindness.\n\n 

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Judith Harrison

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N Vision, Princess Alexandra Home, 23
Bosworth Place

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Monday to Friday 9-30am to 4-30pm
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 Last updated: 11 May 2020