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Aurora Group Schools

The Aurora Group schools support children and young people up to 19 years old with special educational needs by empowering them to grow.

The most important thing for us is that we can meet children’s needs and aspirations in safe, welcoming and empowering settings. So, if we can meet needs, then we don’t worry too much about labels.

We have a growing number of residential and day schools across the UK supporting children and young people with a range of complex communication, learning and physical needs. We provide individualised and flexible programmes of education and care, a variety of bespoke environments and specialist resources including therapeutic support that are tailored to the particular needs of the school intake.

They will usually have an Education, Health and Care Plan and typically be referred by their local authority.

Schools would only be used where a pupil has an Education, Health and Care Plan and needs cannot be met from within Blackpool provision. Click on the links for information from their website.  

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 Last updated: 11 Jun 2020