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Adventure Pioneers youth organization

The Adventure Pioneers are a voluntary, none uniformed, not for profit, youth group promoting self-reliance, leadership, team work, the countryside and the community. All the instructors and leaders involved have years of experience working with young people in outdoor adventures activities and promoting outdoor skills. As a voluntary organization we want to provide a safe and friendly environment, where young people can work together and enjoy the experience of doing outside activity's. We are open to young people aged 10 to 16, unlike other youth organizations/youth clubs we do not meet each week, or have a fixed meeting place, what you will get is a newsletter or invitation to attend one of our workshops, camps, gatherings etc. at a location where its being run and you can attend if a when you want. As a member you will also have the opportunity to say what you want to do, and if there is enough interest we will try to put them on, there is a small yearly membership fee and a minimal cost for what we are putting on, but all the money will be put back into the organization, none of our instructors are paid we are a voluntary not for profit organization. things we encouraging each members to do their best both individually and as a team doing bushcraft, backwoods pioneering and other outdoor activity's, including camping, building fires, chopping wood, cooking for others and yourself, archery, hiking, building shelters, sleeping in a bivi or hammock, learning first aid, building bridges and towers, making camp gadgets and tools, orienteering, hiking, map reading, and all manner of thing.

One of the things we wanted to do when we started the Adventure Pioneers was to make our facilitates and knowledge available to other Youth Groups, Organizations and Schools, for a small fee if and when available. If you are looking for someone to do Bushcraft, Backwoods, Pioneering, Team building or outdoor activities than please feel free to contact us and ask if we can help.

Who to contact

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Alan Cornforth
Contact Position
Founding member

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Great Eccleston, Preston

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Please contact for details

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Other notes

We also want to help and encourage family members, including parent’s guardians and grandparents to actively take part in our outdoor learning plan and help and encourage the young people.

Are you a youth organization that want to do these things but haven’t the expertise or instructor’s to organize these thing, perhaps a Scout group, Guides, youth group, club or organization helping others etc. Then we are always available to help in the instruction of outdoor learning, if and when possible

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