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Pa2care4u Academy

The pa2care4u academy is a training academy established with the goal of training people in various aspects of health and social care. Our courses were assembled py people with lived experience in the industry, both as support and as the supported as we believe that the training we deliver should properly reflect the day to day work you would be doing in the industry. 

We have 2 courses on offer and an additional course on it's way. 

Course 1 is our Personal Assistant basics course, this is a course that is designed around the work of a personal assistant. This course was put together by a personal assistant and their employer, this lived experience has been put into this course and we feel it is a great reflection of day to day work for a PA, and that the training complements the actual tasks you may have to do when employed as a personal assistant. If you are an employed Personal Assistant already we can assist with getting funding for this training.

Our second option is called the employability in health and social care. As the name suggests, this course is designed to help those who complete it into a job in health and social care. The course focuses around key skills that most entry level jobs in health and social care will need while also teaching certain things about employability and how to make yourself attractive to employers. 

The 3rd as yet undeveloped course is based around training people who employ their own support staff via a direct payment or personal budget on the regulations, techniques, and laws around employing and managing your own staff. We will also be able to assist with getting funding for this training.

We are very excited to get these courses up and running and if you are interested then please get in touch using the contact details below. 

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 Last updated: 11 May 2020