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JoyHappiness CIC

At JoyHappiness CIC, we offer the full range of Life Coaching services, specialising in Stress Management:

1) We introduce relaxation and stress management techniques to bring calm.

2) From there, we work to understand who you are and what makes you, you.

3) We then work with you to uncover the causes of the stress and unhappiness, the beliefs and limitations you have created in your thinking.

4) Then we work with you to remove habits that don’t serve you and replace those with more positive goals you have chosen.

5) We’re also your accountability partner. Somebody who helps you to stay focused. Who’s there for you when it gets hard and to celebrate your successes with you.

We do this in a safe environment where we can communicate openly, on a regular (weekly or fortnightly) schedule, with regular progress reviews.

We’re a Community Interest Company (CIC), a not-for-profit organisation. All profits go back into the community to fund stress reduction, well-being, music and arts programmes.

So by using our services, you are gaining peace, happiness and success in your own life whilst supporting others to do the same.

Who to contact

JoyHappiness CIC

Where to go

Unit 6 Flexspace, Shorebury Point, Blackpool Business Park
Amy Johnson Way

Come to our 'zen' office and discuss your life challenges and goals in a place of calm, acceptance and results-focused growth.

 Last updated: 31 May 2020