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Accessable provides detailed online access guides to a huge range of places that you will want to visit. This includes: Cinemas; Shops; Hotels; Hospitals; Colleges; Sports grounds; Restaurants; Council offices; Parks; Universities; Historic land marks and Tourist attractions.

Our mission is to maximise independence and choice for disabled people in accessing their local area and the places we all want to visit.

What we do

Our aim is to give you information so that you can make up your own mind whether a venue is right for you - we don’t attempt to judge a venue’s accessibility on your behalf. You will therefore find some venues on our website which are better suited to your individual needs than others, depending on your personal circumstances. After all, it can be just as important to know that somewhere is not adequately accessible as to know that it is. No one likes a wasted journey.

How we do it

In providing our unique service we send one of our specially trained surveyors to visit every single venue featured on our website. Our surveyors use the same high standards to assess each venue so you can be confident in the consistency of the information we publish.

More importantly all of questions that our surveyors ask and the data that they collect has been determined by consulting with disabled people covering an extensive range of pan-disability impairments. Such is our commitment to ensuring that we deliver the right information to allow you to make an informed choice, we welcome comments and suggestions on how we might improve our service on an on-going basis.

We produce our access guides in 2 different formats:

Detailed Access Guide

A detailed access guide provides a graphical summary of the venue’s accessibility using access icons, together with highly detailed information in relation to each of the key features of the venue. The guide describes your journey into and throughout the venue and includes photographs of the features covered. Detailed access guide are used for places where you are likely to spend a reasonable period of time, for example: hospital wards; tourist attractions; theatres; libraries; museums; hotels and  university accommodation

Key Access Guides

This is a guide which provides a venue’s address and contact details together with access icons which are based on our surveyor’s visit and assessment. Key access guides are typically used to cover the sorts of places where you would spend short periods of time, such as: banks; small high street shops; bakeries and pharmacies

Both types of guides feature access icons that allow you to quickly assess the suitability of a particular venue. Indeed, you can even filter your venue search using specific access icons.

Always up to date

We routinely contact every venue on our website so as to ensure that we capture any access changes and we pride ourselves on both the accuracy and the recency of our access information. Inevitably venues do change and similarly a venue owner or visitor to the venue can contact us at any time to inform us of any modifications

Developed by disabled people for disabled people - DisabledGo is unique among national access information providers because only we:

  • visit and survey every venue on our website in person
  • use a survey method that over 800 groups of disabled people have fed into
  • have a national network of steering groups that guide our work and support the continuous development of our service
  • offer a standardised service – from Aberdeen to Portsmouth our trained surveyors use the same high standards and pan-disability survey template to ensure that all our guides are accurate, reliable and presented in a user-friendly format.


Who to contact

01438 842 710

Where to go

Unit 7, Arlington Court
Arlington Business Park

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Last updated: 18 Mar 2019
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