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SafeCare's approach is to prevent cases of neglect before they escalate into child protection services and more serious harm is caused to young children. The preventative programme provides one-to-one support for parents of young children at risk of, or reported for, maltreatment.

Delivered over twenty weeks, it focuses on four modules: Parent-Child Interaction, Home Safety, Child Health Care, and Counselling and Problem Solving Skills.

Who to contact

SafeCare service details - Blackpool Better Start

Where to go


SafeCare sessions take place in the family home setting.

Other Details


Referral Details

Anyone who works with families who meet the SafeCare criteria can refer to the service delivery team.

Other notes

Blackpool Better Start currently offers more than 25 early years interventions aimed at supporting families through pregnancy and the first four years of a child’s life.

If you are working with families in Blackpool then we may have a project that can help.

Our projects provide interventions to support pregnant women and families with children under 4 years to help:

  • social and emotional development
  • health and well-being advice
  • oral health
  • volunteering opportunities

Keep up to date with all the latest information:

Delivered by Blackpool Better Start, the NSPCC and a range of partners, we aim to give every new baby in Blackpool a better start in life, helping them to enjoy the early care and nurture they need for healthy development and to be ready for school. 

 Last updated: 26 May 2020