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A social care assessment is a way of exploring the difficulties you may have with day to day life and how these difficulties can be overcome. You can find out more information or request a referral at the link below


If you are thinking about moving into residential or nursing care, either temporarily or permanently you can ask social services to carry out an assessment.

An assessment will help us to understand what kind of care you need (care at home, residential or nursing care).
You can find out further information about Nursing care and paying for care at the link below

You can browse residential and nursing homes on our directory pages or you can download an upto date list of all residential and nursing homes here

You can also browse providers of care in your own home or you can download an upto date list of care at home providers here

FRANK'S STORY -  How the NHS and social care are working with care homes across the Fylde coast

We’re changing the way the NHS and social care services work with care homes across the Fylde coast so that the system is less complicated for staff, residents and families.

This will not only help to make sure staff and residents have more appropriate access to health and care professionals but it will also help make sure people receive support in their preferred place of care.

Through developing new ways of working in our neighbourhoods and taking the learning from projects which have shown good results in other parts of the country, we are starting to transform how the NHS, social care and care homes all work together.

The short video below provides an overview of how this work will benefit local people: 




We use the term carer to describe someone who provides unpaid care and support for a partner, relative or friend who has a disability, illness, mental health or memory loss. The person who is cared for would not be able to manage day to day living without this care and support. In Blackpool there are more than 16,000 people who provide unpaid care for another person.

More information is available at the link below

If you are a carer you are entitled to a carers assessment. There is no charge for a carers assessment and you can request an assessment using the online referral form or telephone us.

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