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Max card and Disability Register -

What is a Max Card and how do I get one?
Children and young people eligible for inclusion on the register are also eligible for a Max Card. This is a discount card that families of children with additional needs can use at venues across the UK to get free or discounted admission.
Terms and conditions apply and we reserve the right to withdraw the scheme at any time. Cards are valid for a specified time period and you will need to make a new up to date application to be included on the register when the card is due for renewal. We will send you further information when you make a registration request.

What is the register?
The register is a list of children and young people in Blackpool who have special educational needs and disabilities; and who receive or may need to receive services from social care, health services, education or services provided by voluntary organisations. 
You can register a child or young person if they are under 18 years of age. A young person between 16 - 17 years may also register themselves. The person registered needs to live in Blackpool.

What is it for?
The register provides a point of contact for providing families with information about services and to be involved in consultations about Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.
The information helps use build a broader picture about the need for services and helps inform for future planning.

Do I have to register?
No, registration is voluntary. We encourage registration because this helps gives a true picture of children and young people with special needs across Blackpool, helps us plan services and develop new ones.

Who has access to my information?
The information is kept securely within an online system. Access is restricted to approved staff within Blackpool Council. The information is used for research and planning of resources for health, education and social care services. We also use the information to contact you periodically to inform about events and consultations etc.
Your registration information is held for two years and we will ask you to renew your registration after this time.
Any registration that is not updated after this period will be removed from the register. You can ask for details of information held on the register at any time and you can also request for your information to be removed. If you wish to be removed from the register you will also need to return any Max Card that may still be valid.

How can I register
You need to complete our online form

 Last updated: 12 Feb 2021