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Local offer - Blackpool's communication offer

The Blackpool Communication offer details what services are on offer for children and young people, families and practitioners in the area of speech, language and communication from the ages of 0-25.

The offer has been broken down into what is available for the different tiers of need by all services working in Blackpool. There are three tiers which are described as universal, targeted and specialist. Universal is what is offered to all children and young people, targeted is for some children and young people and specialist level is the kind of support few children and young people may require.

If a parent has a child who is at primary school and is told that the child needs some targeted support then they can look at the document and see what they might expect to receive.

If a practitioner has a child who needs specialist input then they too can look to see what is available.

Blackpool's communicaton offer for children with complex needs

Blackpool's communication offer for children and young people

Blackpool's communication offer for parents

Blackpool's communication offer for practitioners

 Last updated: 05 Aug 2020