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Graduated Approach

A model of action and intervention in early education settings, schools and colleges to help children and young people who have special educational needs. The approach recognises that there is a continuum of special educational needs and that, where necessary, increasing specialist expertise should be brought to bear on the difficulties that a child or young person may be experiencing.

These documents have been developed to support the process of meeting the individual needs of all children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. They describe the graduated approach for educational settings and other stakeholders when meeting needs of children and young people. They are designed to support schools and colleges when planning appropriate provision for individuals and groups and as a reference document when considering whether an individual might benefit from joining the education, health, care pathway.

The tables in the document are not a checklist of provision but should be used to improve learning and teaching for all children and young people and enhance SEN provision at whole school, class, group and individual level. The suggestions should be considered in the context of each setting and adapted as appropriate. They are designed to encourage questioning and to support the gathering of evidence and evaluating how a setting is providing for a child’s or young person’s needs.

The approach outlined is based upon a graduated approach to meeting additional needs. It is intended to support the notion that those with the greater need receive the greater provision. 

 Last updated: 08 Jun 2020