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The Local Offer Consultation Group is a group of people who who are motivated with continually improving the Local Offer for families in Blackpool.

The Group meet on a regular basis to consult and review the Local Offer, discuss ideas, and act on feedback received. Summaries of our latest meetings are provided below.

Membership represents the following groups:

  • Parents
  • Young people
  • Children
  • Health and council professionals
  • Local charity and voluntary groups

Anyone with an interest is welcome to attend. We usually meet once a month. If you would like to know more about joining the group or taking part in the next meeting  email: localoffer@blackpool.gov.uk

Everyone is welcome! There is also a group called Young Empowerment Forum for children and young people to give their opinions.

February 2022

  • The group discussed recent and future work on the website. It was felt tha the front page of the local offer would be inviting and engaging with more images. We agreed to look at this further and discuss with our developers
  • It was agreed that the latest news could be more prominent and topical. We agreed to look at this as well and discuss with our developers.
  • An update was given about half term activities and sports camps. Details are available on the webiste. 
  • The parents forum issued a Christmas newsletter and this was well received. Parents Forum will look at making this a termly publication.
  • Parents Forum hope to be able to plan an event at the Zoo for the end of March. 

September 2021

  • Active Blackpool gave an overview of forthcoming activities including information about how to book. Sessions will be available on alternate Saturdays.
  • A parents information session has been arranged at Aiming Higher to talk about the local offer. Contact Aiming Higher for further details.
  • Further website updates to the Local Offer will take place over the next few weeks. This will include the option to save short lists of providers, an improved design to the Events and Things to do section and also upgraded search functions. It will now be possible to search advice and information content in addition to directory listing items.

June 2021

  • Healthwatch introduced health and social care element of their role – they have been targeted with understanding what goes on Blackpool’s Local Offer in terms of health.
  • An update on the half term taster sessions on Wheels for all at Stanley Park
  • There was a long discussion around the concern about the amount of provision of short breaks being offered and the understanding around the criterion for that provision. Next LOCG meeting to be booked Friday 2 July 2021 so that we can agree what is going to be circulated to parents.

May 2021

  • Regarding facebook post on adaptive biking Darren Foy mentioned that the Parents Forum could also post about the Football camp running at Blackpool Football club. – (just disabled people) - during half term. Stacey commented that she had hoped more adaptive bikes were going to be offered rather than just for 18 people -
  • ACTION – DR to give feedback on success of take up during half term at next meeting. Parents forum and Local Offer to post Blackpool Football Club site offering for half term.
  • Follow up on this at next meeting - High Ropes was discussed and, again, the concept of High ropes was probably not understood by families in that there are three levels of ropes so, again:
  • ACTION: DAVE ROHMAN TO PRODUCE PICTURE ADVERT AND/OR VIDEO FOR US TO POST ON THE LOCAL OFFER AND TO SHARE WITH PARENTS FORUM. No video to share provided. Dave Rohman to feedback next meetingDiscussion around Parents Forum creating a You Tube channel
  • ACTION: Parents to organise a zoom meeting to sort out video following agreement at Parent Forum Steering Group.
  • Language barriers exist still on Local Offer. Ie parents struggling to find NDP (Neuro Development Pathway) they used the wrong words and couldn’t find it. Try and not use acronmyms, More work still planned on search engines behind scenes – predictive text is going to be used on the search engine. KW to look at.

March 2021

  • Public Health advised there is extra funding from DfE for inclusive activities during Summer, Easter and Christmas and vulnerable families. The aim is to support vulnerable families to provide free access to activities to families who already receive free school meals and who may also have additional needs. A packed lunch will be supplied during the activities.
  • Blackpool are running a programme of activities for 6 weeks (four days a week) during the Summer holidays. What would parents like us to support for a delivery programme? A range of activities needs to be supplied and provided. Summer and Christmas hasn’t been planned out – nor half term – and we would like parental and young people’s help to support ideas for these activities. The football trust have been awarded the co-ordination of this.
  • It was agreed that parents and young people would be consulted with to find out what they would like Blackpool Council to offer during the holiday time. Special and mainstream schools should be engaged with too. All young people’s aspirations should be captured – not just what we can currently do

January 2021

  • The group continues to meet online during lock down. Six parents took place at the January meeting. The time was difficult for many parents due to the number of children they are supporting at home. We discussed the implications of the current lockdown. A future consultation on School Travel was discussed and a survey will be available shortly. This will be discussed in more detail at the next meeting.

November 2020

  • The Local Offer wins the NAFIS across the UK for the best Local Offer. Thank you to all our parents and young people for their help, support and comments regarding what we do and continue to improve in the information we share with them.

October 2020

  • The consultation with parents and young people and focus groups was reported to the SEND Board. A parent was asked to work closely with Blackpool Council with the short break review in order that stakeholders are represented from our parent forum and that we fully co-produce this reviewed service. The provision identified was extended to suppliers so that they are able to apply and present their views on what service offering they would be able to offer to Blackpool residents in receipt of a short break.

September 2020

  • A consultation with two parent focus groups on the short break service and a recognition that Blackpool need to advertise these breaks and redesign the service in line with families’ needs identified in the short break review. The EHC Hub is launched to Blackpool Council stakeholders encouraging a fully co-produced and transparent service offering in Blackpool.

August 2020

  • A continuation of collection of views by the surveys during the summer month and school break. We received 130 parents responses and 80 young people’s voices to the surveys by the end of August. A continuation of the redesign of the back pages of the Local Offer in order to include the EHC Hub for September 2020.

July 2020

  • The start of our consultation and review of our short breaks service with parents and young people begins. We have designed two surveys – one aimed at parents and one for young people throughout Blackpool gathering views on what would help families with SEND in terms of breaks. These were designed internally at Blackpool Council.

June 2020

  • Another online meeting took place. The group looked at the design changes to the local offer website and the new categories. The group was asked to complete a number of tasks designed to check if they could easily find information. A few changes were suggested and these have been implemented. Options for an App and also more support for BSL is also being looked at A website chat widget was also suggested, this has been piloted and will be reviewed.

May 2020

  • An online meeting was held in order to hear parents’ views on hopes and fears on any return to education. A comprehensive list of hopes and fears was discussed and created including how schools were helping and how homes were struggling. An additional heading of “current situation” has been added to voice problems faced by parents during the current Covid 19 outbreak. Again, these were discussed, and centred around information involving education.

March 2020

  • In response to feedback from parents wanting to be better informed about local services, the parent forum hosted an event at Blackpool Football Ground, supported by Blackpool Council. 43 parents and families attended to listen to key speakers about what is happening in Blackpool over the next few years and stall holders from various Council departments and external suppliers of services were there to share information with parents. We also gathered information at that time for further opportunities for continuous improvement throughout our services.

January 2020

  • The parents helped gave feedback on Blackpool Council documents, including a new SEND booklet. We listened to your comments and have produced a SEND booklet in clear simple language which explains the whole of the SEND service to parents and SENCo's.

October 2019

  • We reviewed the marketing materials for the Local Offer and the new look front page of the web site. Great to see some new faces at this meeting. Thank you to the Parents' Forum for organising the day at Blackpool Zoo on October 23rd. We used the opportunity to collect information from parents, young people and young children to collect information about what people think about how information is shared in Blackpool currently. We will discuss these results at the next Local Offer meeting.

September 2019

  • The group met to agree a new front page for the local offer, which will be launched shortly. The group also talked about the importance of improving the communication to parents and young people using social media. We are endeavouring to respond to that and will provide an update on social media shortly. Thank you to the Parent's Forum for their invite to talk to them and listen to feedback about the Local Offer. Updates are happening on an ongoing basis. We are also now on facebook again.

July 2019

  • The group consulted about the look and content of the Local Offer website. As a result of that, we have started the process of developing a new visual for the Local Offer to help with navigation. We also agreed to improve and review the information on pages within the website.